The Little Globetrotter's Travel Journal



Never forget your vacations and adventures with The Little Globetrotter’s Travel Journal. This travel journal is a great travel companion for little travellers that enhances children’s excitement in exploring new places. Packed with 80 journal pages to document their daily adventures to planning their trip and marking down where they haven been. The travel journal motivates kids to research their trip, making them look forward to every vacation! What’s more, activity pages are included in the journal to keep them occupied during the journey.

Flip the journal and discover many fun-filled pages inside. The Little Globetrotter's Travel Journal is a must-have travel essential for every kid!

Other exciting features include: 

  • Fun facts of the world
  • Maps to illustrate where they are going or have been
  • Animal colouring pages with fun facts
  • Maze activity game
  • Learn to say “Hello” and “Thank You” in a new language
  • Pages to doodle their daily adventures
  • Stamp and stickers page to stick their collection along the way
  • Pages to stick photograph of their travel adventures
  • Extra pages for note taking and doodling
  • Additional pages for notes
  • Back pocket to keep ticket stubs, postcards or other souvenirs
  • Stickers included in the back pocket


  • Measures 15 x 22cm 
  • 80 pages
  • Threadsewn binding - opens flats 

Designed and printed in Singapore

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